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Let's ban tip-theft in Nova Scotia

Ever tip someone for excellent service? It might not be going where you think it is. 


What is tip-theft? Tip-theft occurs when an employer steals gratuities left by customers for their service workers. The practice of tip-theft is not only unfair to workers, it is deceitful to customers who tip to benefit the worker - not their boss.

According to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, accommodation and food service workers have the lowest average weekly earnings in the province. Naturally, many of these individuals rely on tips to make ends meet.


Most provinces in Canada have legislation in place to prevent tip-theft, while Nova Scotia's employment legislation is silent on the issue. This means that there is nothing preventing bosses from stealing the tips of their service industry workers. 

IT IS SIMPLE: tips belong to workers! It is time for Nova Scotia to cash-up with other provinces and ban tip-theft now!

Join us for a campaign organizing meeting!

We are meeting Saturday, July 6th from 12-1pm at Glitterbean Cafe to plan next steps on the campaign and get organized to ban tip theft!


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