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Have you experienced tip-theft in a service industry position? Are you experiencing it today, or do you know wsomeone who is?

And how does the practice of tip-theft impact you as a customer? We want to know!

Please take a couple of minutes to complete this survey. 


Do you work in a position where receiving tips is customary?
Do you, or have you ever, relied on tips to make ends meet?
What experience, if any, do you have with tip-theft? (check any/all that apply)
To supplement the wages of their workers, we are seeing a growing number of businesses and industries asking customers to tip at checkout. As a customer, how would you describe your tipping habits?
Why do you tip? (Check any/all that apply)
Most provinces have protections in place to prefect the practice of tip-theft. Were you aware that Nova Scotia has no tip-theft protection whatsoever?
Do you think Nova Scotia should make tip-theft illegal?
To push for needed improvements, the Halifax Workers’ Action Centre hopes to connect with individuals who have experienced tip-theft or who feel passionately about this issue.
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